AXA's French commercial insurance arm has launched a series of “unique” commitments to the French market

French commercial insurer AXA Corporate Solutions has launched a series of formal commitments for its broker partners in France, many of which are unique to the market according to them.

The special commitments, ranging from greater engagement with them to simpler IT link ups, are being offered to 15 of France's biggest brokers.

The pledges range from a better integrated technology system for issuing policies and providing accounting reports faster to having forums each 6 months explaining new contracts and policies.

AXA Corporate Solutions has also pledged to rate the speed of its issuance of local policies and claims payments to give brokers a better idea of the quality of service that it provides.

In the future French brokers will also have their own personal internal liaison officer dealing with their accounts personally, explained AXA Corporate Solutions at a press conference in France.

For marine business, AXA Corporate Solutions says it will now answer broker queries on the quality of marine vessels within 3 hours.

Speaking to StrategicRISK at a French risk management conference in Deauville, Philippe Rocard, CEO of AXA Corporate Solutions, explained why he decided to launch the commitments. “For years we have had client engagement commitments but we can't leave the broker out of the relationship.”

“The commitments only cover the French market now,” he continued. “Before rolling it out in other markets we would conduct interviews with brokers to see if it is what they want. We have to adapt to local feelings. In the UK for example, I'm not sure the brokers there would need it.”