Special reports

  • SRGlobalQ32023_SpecialReportClimate_781x521

    Special report: Climate change


    Climate change is already here - so what now? Learn how organisations can start meeting the challenges head on and turn risks into opportunities

  • SRGlobalQ32023_SpecialReportRiskCulture_781x521

    Special report: Risk culture


    Learn how to shape a positive risk culture that leads to more proactive risk assessment and better organisational decision-making.

  • Hazardous chemicals

    Regulators are cracking down on PFAS and risk managers must plan accordingly


    The effects of PFAS chemicals are yet to be seen as health problems slowly come to light. BHSI’s Javier Villalba, explores the litigation landscape risk managers are facing

  • SRGlobalQ12023_SpecialReportSupplyChain_781x521

    Special report: Supply chain risk


    How do you manage supply chain risk effectively in a world of constant disruption?

  • climate change innovation idea

    Webinar: Climate change risk - it’s time to step up


    How do risk managers prepare an adaptation plan in the face of increasing weather extremes?

  • SRGlobalQ42022_SpecialReportESG_781x521

    Special report: ESG


    Your planet needs you, and so does your organisation

  • SpecialReport_DigitalTransformation_banner (1)

    Special report: Digital transformation


    When it comes to digital transformation in this increasingly uncertain world, standing still is not an option

  • SRGlobalQ32022_SpecialReportClimate_781x521

    Special report: Climate change 2022


    Why risk professionals are the ideal people to make sense of the complexities surrounding climate change

  • SRGlobalQ32022_SpecialReportOpRisk_781x521

    Special report: Operational risk and agility


    Truly agile operational risk management is the only way to make it today’s turbulent world. Quick, responsive, flexible, strong – do you have what it takes?

  • SRGlobalQ22022_SpecialReport_781x521

    Special report: Road-testing Industry 4.0


    Before we dive in further, should we first prepare for new and emerging risks associated with the digital era?

  • _SR_web_specialreports_April2022_RiskConnect

    Special report: Intangibles


    The pandemic focused our attention on intangible risks like never before

  • SpecialReport_GRC_banner

    Special report: GRC


    Why risk leaders must offer their boards next-level risk intelligence on governance, risk and compliance

  • SpecialReport_RiskConferences_banner

    Special report: Risk conferences 2021


    There was a lot to digest at the Airmic, Ferma and Parima conferences, but don’t worry, you can borrow our notes

  • SpecialReport_DiversityInclusion_banner

    Special report: Women in risk


    It’s said that diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being invited to dance

  • SRGlobalQ42021_SpecialReport_781x521

    Special report: Complex claims


    When it comes to large and complex claims you told us your main concern was nasty surprises

  • SRGlobalQ32021_SpecialReport_781x521

    Special report: Climate change


    Growing climate extremes are increasing our exposure to secondary perils

  • SR_web_specialreports_ESG (002)

    Special Report: ESG


    Taking ESG to the heart of business

  • SpecialReport_operationalrisk_banner

    Special Report: Operational Risk


    Operational resilience – everyone is talking about it. But how is it created and how can it protect us against the intangible risk landscape?

  • SpecialReport_supplychains_banner

    Special Report: Supply Chains


    A new balance will have to be struck between efficiency and resilience going forward, thought participants at our virtual roundtable

  • SR_web_specialreports_Sustainability

    Special report: Sustainability Risk


    Our virtual roundtable met to compare notes on sustainability risk coming out of the pandemic.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Bond Benefits

    Special report: Bond benefits


    As lockdowns ease, business is picking back up and conditions are extremely competitive. Bonds help firms pitch successfully – safe in the knowledge that they have a trusted guarantor.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Climate change

    Special report: Climate change


    Climate change is a truly global risk. Why risk managers need to consider the physical, reputational and transition risks arising from climate change.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Supply chains

    Special report: Supply chains


    Supply chains may be complex and suppliers remote, but you must know their ESG strategies well.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Renewable energy

    Special report: Renewable energy


    European countries are embracing renewable energy and investment is booming. But there is no reason to throw caution to the wind. Surety bonds provide the protection green energy companies need.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Environmental bonds

    Special report: Environmental bonds


    If a site suffers an environmental accident, the operator is liable for clean-up – even if insolvent. Environmental bonds let you breathe, knowing your costs, and your reputation, are covered.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Digitalised industry

    Special report: Digitised industry


    Production lines and power plants are now using digitalisation to predict and prevent issues before they happen, remove human error and limit costly shutdowns. Introducing: the smart factory.

  • SR_web_specialreports_People risk

    Special report: People risk


    Global mobility has increased with many more businesses sending employees on international assignments. We uncover the biggest business travel risks and offer tips on how to manage and mitigate them.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Construction risks

    Special report: Construction risks


    On 14 June 2017, the 24-storey, Grenfell Tower, broke out in flames, causing millions of pounds of damage and widespread social unrest. Seven months later Carillion plunged into liquidation after suffering financial difficulty. These two case studies demonstrate just how complex construction risk has become.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Corporate culture

    Special report: Corporate culture


    Risk management is at a turning point, pivoting from an operational to a strategic role. Corporate culture – the way risk is treated and the way we treat those involved in loss events – is critical to that change.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Manufacturing

    Special report: Manufacturing


    Industry 4.0 heralds the biggest change to production processes in more than 200 years. It offers unprecedented opportunities but companies must balance these against a complex downside.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Brexit – Part 2

    Special report: Brexit - Part 2


    StrategicRISK’s latest Brexit report looks at what challenges lie ahead for the UK, Europe and businesses now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union.

  • SR_web_specialreports_D&O

    Special report: D&O


    Brexit has the potential to have serious implications for D&O and trade credit risks. Risk managers are urged to take a more proactive approach in managing them.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Cyber risk

    Special report: Cyber risk


    Recognising that cyber crime is changing and set to increase in frequency and sophistication will ultimately help companies deal with this threat.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Managing environmental risk

    Special report: Managing environmental risk


    Environmental risk involves a wider range of issues than are often expected – organisations need to be clear on what the main risks are and what their insurance policy covers.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Diversity in risk and insurance

    Special report: Diversity in risk and insurance


    The industry has made a start but there’s still a great deal left to do.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Brexit – Part 1

    Special report: Brexit - Part 1


    StrategicRISK talked with leading experts on the impact a Leave vote would have on the economy, trade, regulation and the risk and insurance industry.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Natural catastrophes

    Special report: Natural catastrophes


    Risk managers and insurers are getting better at quantifying and evaluating earthquake risk.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Terrorism and political violence

    Special report: Terrorism and political violence


    Businesses should pay attention to politically unstable environments and maintain situational awareness.

  • SR_web_specialreports_North Africa risk and insurance

    Special report: North Africa risk and insurance


    Review the latest developments in risk management and insurance across North Africa.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Marine transportation

    Special report: Marine transportation


    Insurance coverage remains crucial, but so too is an increased understanding of the changing risk landscape.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Climate change

    Special report: Climate change


    StrategicRISK’s latest special report explores the impact of climate change on corporate interests, such as the frequency of extreme weather events and how the insurance market is supporting businesses.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Cyber risk

    Special report: Cyber risk


    Cyber risk lays a company’s reputation on the line, so directors need to ensure they are dealing with it effectively.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Environment

    Special report: Environment


    International businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental issues and need to make sure they keep track of constantly shifting rules and regulations and review their exposure to the risk.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Business travel risks

    Special report: Business travel risks


    Increasing numbers of companies are investing in business travel, but there are risks as well as benefits, with each destination carrying its own issues.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Trade credit risks

    Special report: Trade credit risks


    The trade credit insurance market has had to rebuild its reputation in the aftermath of the banking crisis, so credit insurers are focusing their attention on product innovation.